Free Online Racing Games

Age of Speed 2

Maneuver your futuristic car in this high speed racing game set in the future. Race through loops, huge jumps, and corkscrews as you speed through...

3-d Dune Derby

A pretty good racing game. Hold your mouse button down to accelerate your dune buggy, and use your mouse to direct the cart. Ok graphics...

Circuit Racer

An interesting 3-d shockwave racing game. Use the arrow keys to control your car. Nice graphics and sound effects, but it is sometimes hard to...

Redline Rumble

This 3-d racing game puts you in the driver seat as you race opponents and try to win their cars. This game is so detailed...

Gillette Jetski Challenge

Race against the computer in this fun 3-d jet ski game. Great 3-d graphics and sound effects. This game is easy to control but hard...

On The Run

This is one of the coolest online racing games out there! Try to outrun the "corporation" vans who will try to crash your car. Great...

Rally Racing

Not the best online racing game on the net, but not the worst either. Ok graphics, but the sound effects get annoying very quickly. Use...

RC Rally H2O

The original RC Rally racing game has gone aquatic! Really nice graphics and sound effects. This game is fun and addictive.

Super Snack 500

This online racing game is possibly the best one on the net. Excellent graphics and sound effects. Control your car with the left and right...

Arctic 3-D Racer

This great 3-d game allows you to race in an arctic landscape. Great graphics.

Corn Nuts Cornfield 5000

Choose your cornear driver and go kart and take off! Great 3-d graphics.

RC Ralley

A fun, addictive game! Great sound effects and graphics! Drive your RC around different tracks and try to win the race!

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