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Lost City of Gold

Travel through the ruins to get to the gold! Match three icons to fill up the level goals. Don't let the time run out on...

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Try to take over the board by leaping in the spaces next to your opponent's pieces. Very fun and addictive, with great animations.

Truck Loader

Load the truck with your magnetic forklift. Pick up the boxes and stack them the way the truck driver likes. Roll over buttons to activate...

Aqua Energizer

Help Nemo the fish through the levels by moving dirt and energizer balls. Fun to play, with great graphics and sound effects

Trolli March

Construct the best path and use the on-screen tools to get the most Trolli animals to the finish before time runs out! Keep moving on...

Cubis 2

Match up three of the same colored cubes to clear them from the board. Make as many matches as you can within the time limit....


Try to remove the blocks from the board as fast as you can by making chains of blocks of the same color.

Puzzle Express Online

Play the hit download game Puzzle! Use "tetris" style blocks to fill the train cars and reveal the hidden picures. You can use the...

Carnival Jackpot

Experience the fun and excitement of Mardi Gras without leaving your desk! The object is to create lines of 3 or more like-colored beads or...

Shape Shifter

This fast-paced web game makes you race against the clock to place alike shapes into the correct slot. It seems easy at first, but the...

Collapse II

Click groups of three blocks of the same color to remove them from the board.

Tilt Maze

A simple concept-use the arrow keys to tilt the board and get to the end of the maze. However, very difficult at times!

Flip Words

In this fun word puzzle game, you must create words out of a table of letters and try to guess the phrase. Although challenging, this...

The Pyramids of Ra

Clear the board of blocks by jumping on each one. A challenging and fun puzzle game.

Tibet Quest

Jane is searching for a mythical city in Tibet. Make three in a row to clear the board and help her on her quest. Play...


An addictive and quite fun puzzle game. Use your mouse to "aim" the fish and the mouse button to fire. The object of the game...

Gem Works

Click on any two same-sized gems to swap their position. Match same-colored gems to create larger gems.

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