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Lost City of Gold

Travel through the ruins to get to the gold! Match three icons to fill up the level goals. Don't let the time run out on...

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3d Logic

Turn the 3d cube and connect blocks of the same color. Although this puzzle game seems easy at first, it gets hard very quickly!

4400 Concentration

Test your mind for any 4400 abilities as you try to find the matching images in this fun concentration game.

Amazing Acrobats

This is a fun brain teaser that will challenge and entertain you for hours! Watch the Acrobats do cool stunts in the air after you...

Aqua Energizer

Help Nemo the fish through the levels by moving dirt and energizer balls. Fun to play, with great graphics and sound effects

Are you Monk-ish?

Take the 'Are you Monk-ish' quiz and find out how much you really are like USA Network's hit television character Adrian Monk.


Test your arithmetic skills with this challenging new brain teaser! Just find the hidden Discover Numbers on the game board and follow the hints to...

Art Thief

By day you are a corporate raider, by night you are the most feared art thief in the world, the ‘Specter”. Your new weapon— a...


An addictive and quite fun puzzle game. Use your mouse to "aim" the fish and the mouse button to fire. The object of the game...


A free multiplayer backgammon game. You may have a hard time trying to find players to play against. You can always play against the computer,...


Try to sink the computer's ships before the computer sinks yours! Great sound effects and graphics.

Bloomin' Gardens

The object of this game is to replant flowers in order to get them in rows of five or more alike plants. This game is...

Bumper Cards

This unique card game combines pinball and blackjack into one exciting game! Try to make piles of cards that add up to 21 to win.

Candy Drops

Switch the positions of the candy to match 3 alike candies in a row. A fun puzzle game with great graphics and sounds.

Carnival Jackpot

Experience the fun and excitement of Mardi Gras without leaving your desk! The object is to create lines of 3 or more like-colored beads or...

Circle Bobble

Shoot ball up into the rotating disk of balls. Match two or more balls of the same color to destroy them. But be careful, because...

Coign of Vantage

Use your mouse to rotate the 3d playing field and assemble as many images as you can. This game is a bit challenging at first...

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