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Lost City of Gold

Travel through the ruins to get to the gold! Match three icons to fill up the level goals. Don't let the time run out on...

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Crypt Raider

Move the blue jewels into the transporter and then jump into it to get to the next level. Over 100 challenging levels.


Try to remove the blocks from the board as fast as you can by making chains of blocks of the same color.


Defuse the bombs without getting blown up. Simple graphics, yet lots of fun to play.

Fowl Words

Try to come up with as many words as you can with the given letters in a limited amount of time

Image Shuffler

Try to re-assemble the image before the time runs out!

Letter Lasso

Play this western-themed word search game. Great graphics and sound effects.

Pop Up

Try to complete the levels by bouncing the ball around. Use the arrow keys to play.

Smack Dab in the Middle

Slide the rows to make groups of three alike tiles. If you sandwich two cookies and a cream tile, you create a creamwich.

The Pyramids of Ra

Clear the board of blocks by jumping on each one. A challenging and fun puzzle game.

Tilt Maze

A simple concept-use the arrow keys to tilt the board and get to the end of the maze. However, very difficult at times!

Triscut Power Balls

In this game, you have 90 seconds to either create 10 words out of the letters provided, or create the 8 letter word to advance...

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