Free Online Puzzle Games

Lost City of Gold

Travel through the ruins to get to the gold! Match three icons to fill up the level goals. Don't let the time run out on...


This is a Tetris variant with more and bigger blocks. Try to keep the well from filling; if you do well and clear a lot...


A free multiplayer backgammon game. You may have a hard time trying to find players to play against. You can always play against the computer,...


Play the card game 'Hearts' online, either against the computer or with someone over the internet. Nice graphics and sound effects.

Multiplayer Checkers

A fun multiplayer checkers game. Nice graphics, but the computer opponent has a very annoying voice. Membership is not required to play this game.

Multiplayer Chess

A really well done online chess game. Really great 3d graphics. Play against the computer or with someone over the internet.

Multiplayer Reversi

Multiplayer reversi board game. Nice graphics and sound effects. Play against the computer or with someone over the internet. No membership is required to play.


An online version of the card game Spades. Play with the computer or with someone over the internet. No membership required.

Frozen Bubble

A fun online puzzle game with a pengiun theme. Aim your shooter with your left and right arrow keys and shoot the bubbles using the...

Willy Wonka Fudge Frenzy

This game is actually pretty funny and fun to play. Click to rotate the pipes so that the chocolate can travel down the pipes and...


This is one puzzle game with the total package! Try to get the ball to hit the target by placing different objects on the board....

Hapland 2

Get ready for a real challenge! This game features simple graphics and a couple sound effects, but it quite a hard puzzle. Click everything you...

Flash Island Memory

Play the classic game of memory as you try to match alike cards. This game has nice tropical-themed graphics to get you in the mood...

Jewl Quest

Journey into the jungle as you play Jewel Quest! Match a row of three jewls of the game color to turn the tiles into gold.

Puzzle Express Online

Play the hit download game Puzzle! Use "tetris" style blocks to fill the train cars and reveal the hidden picures. You can use the...

Shape Shifter

This fast-paced web game makes you race against the clock to place alike shapes into the correct slot. It seems easy at first, but the...


An addictive and quite fun puzzle game. Use your mouse to "aim" the fish and the mouse button to fire. The object of the game...

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