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Have fun playing mini-golf in this underwater adventure course. Putt your way through 18 holes while collecting coins for extra points. Watch out for the...

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The Blasters

This is a fun yet slightly untraditional mini golf game. The basic playing field is just rectangular, but their are things placed on the field,...

Verti Golf

Verti Golf is a fun, 3-D miniature golf game. Use your mouse to move the club and the space bar to pull back the club....

Mini-Putt III Classic

This is a well done classic miniature golf game. Pretty good graphics and simple sound effects. This game features a number of interesting hole layouts....

Mini Putt 2

This game is basically the same as the first Mini-Putt game, except this one has new holes and some background music.

Jurassic Putt

A very fun online mini golf game with a Jurassic theme. This game has a variety of fun hole designs featuring dinosaurs, volcanoes, and more....

Online Mini Golf

Another fun 3-d game. Play by yourself or with a friend! You can even play against other people from around the web! Simple graphics, but...

Mini Golf

Putt your way through 63 different holes on seven different courses in this exciting 3d miniature golf game.

AG Mini Golf

Putt your way through this challenging mini golf course. Get he ball into the holes in as few strokes as possible. Avoid the water and...

Lumix World Golf

Play 18 holes of 3d miniature golf from places around the world such as Egypt and Rome.

Widmer Mini-Golf

This game has simple sound effects and graphics, but it is very fast loading! A fun game with 18 holes!

Mini Golf Open

An excellent mini golf game with holes featuring Nabicso, Post, and Kraft's products. Great graphics and sound effects.

Tyrannian Mini Golf

Play through 18 interesting and challenging holes in this Neo Pet themed course. The club aiming is a little weird, but it's a fun game...

Flash Island Mini Golf

Putt your ball through 9 unique themed holes, from moving cars, juicy fruit, and even wild west hole. Play with one or two players. Great...

Proud Mini-Putt

A really nice flash miniature golf game themed after the Disney channel show "The Proud Family." Putt your ball by clicking on the ball and...

Dumbolf Miniature Golf

Help the elephant putt his way through this vertical miniature golf course. This game features excellent graphics and cool sound effects.

247 Miniature Golf

Putt your ball around this 18 hole mini golf course. In addition to great looking graphics, this game features several challenging yet fun holes.

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