Online Mini Golf Games


Have fun playing mini-golf in this underwater adventure course. Putt your way through 18 holes while collecting coins for extra points. Watch out for the...

Office Miniature Golf

Play 18 holes of miniature golf that takes place on the top of employee's desks.

Lumix World Golf

Play 18 holes of 3d miniature golf from places around the world such as Egypt and Rome.

St. Mulligan's Mini Golf

A very well done 3d miniature golf game. This game features great graphics and pretty good sound effects. Play 9 or 18 holes alone or...

Orbitz Sink the Putt Minigolf

You've probably seen this game on pop up ads before, but now you can play it whenever you want. This game has simple but good...

Flash Mini Golf

A very simple online mini golf game. Very simplistic 2d graphics and simple sound effects. Some holes take quite a while to complete, so this...

Gilligan's Island Miniature Golf

A fun miniature golf game themed after the TBS show 'The Real Gilligans Island'. Fun hole layouts with great island-themed graphics and sound effects. Play...

Proud Mini-Putt

A really nice flash miniature golf game themed after the Disney channel show "The Proud Family." Putt your ball by clicking on the ball and...

Candystand Mini Golf

This great game is from the makers of Lifesaver Candies. Play 18 holes and compete to get listed on the high score list. Great sound...

Carpet Golf

A simple 3-d mini golf game. Choose from 3 different courses. The ball action is slow and jumpy, and the sound effects aren't the best....

Carpet Golf 3-D

Choose from 3 different 3-d courses. Good sound effects and fun course layouts. The 3-d view gives this game a fun effect.

Flash Island Mini Golf

Putt your ball through 9 unique themed holes, from moving cars, juicy fruit, and even wild west hole. Play with one or two players. Great...

Mini Golf Open

An excellent mini golf game with holes featuring Nabicso, Post, and Kraft's products. Great graphics and sound effects.

Mini Putt

An ok online mini-golf game. Simple 2-D graphics with some simple sound effects. Fast-loading with 18 holes. Only a one player game.

Mini Putt 2

This game is basically the same as the first Mini-Putt game, except this one has new holes and some background music.

Mini-Mini Golf

An excellent game from! Great 3-d graphics and excellent sound effects. Play with up to four people and compete for best scores. The course...

Mousebreaker Miniature Golf

A nice mini golf game with some very interesting holes to play.

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