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Arctic Blitz

Pick your favorite penguin and move him across the ice. Collect as many medals and fish as you can. Avoid hitting the boxes and tires.

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Castle Smasher

Use your mouse to aim and fire stones at the castle. Try to destroy the entire castle before you run out of stones!


Click the mouse make the bunny jump, then guide her with your mouse to bounce her off of the bells. The more bells she bounces...

Hostile Skies

Fight the enemy airplanes before they shoot you down in this exciting shooting game.

Super Mario World Revived

A pretty good remake of Super Mario featuring the classic graphics and sound effects.

Police Chopper

Use your mouse to fly a helicopter through the city as you rescue stranded civilians and apprehend criminals. This game features great 3d graphics and...

Mission Mars

Use the space bar to drop bomps on a martian city in order to land safely.

Donkey Kong

How high can you get playing this classic arcade game 'Donkey Kong'? This game has all original graphics, but has no sound effects. You can...

Hover Wars

Use the arrow keys to control your hovercraft and try to bump your opponents off of the platform. Hover Wars features nice 3d graphics and...

Air Hockey

Players choose their team and tabletop to see how far they can advance in the World Cup Tournament of Air Hockey.

Target Bowling

Use your mouse to roll the ball up the ramp and try to land it in the scoring rings. This game has great graphics and...

Rollercoaster Creator

Build your own roller coasters to collect coins and other items. This game is extremely fun and highly addictive.

3d Ping Pong

Play in a ladder-style Ping Pong Tournament where players can choose where they play and their paddle. Practice against all the opponents before going to...


This fun match-three game has a physics twist. Throw the blocks around the screen in order to match blocks in groups of three.

Willy Wonka Chocolate Rapids Game

This game is themed after the famous "chocolate river" in the classic movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Use the arrow keys to control...

Sewer Escape

Help the little hamster escape from the sewer and take him as high as you can by clicking on him as he falls. This game...

Bug on a Wire

This this fun game, you take on the role of a bug running on telephone wires. Use your arrow keys to jump from wire to...

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