Arcade Games

Arctic Blitz

Pick your favorite penguin and move him across the ice. Collect as many medals and fish as you can. Avoid hitting the boxes and tires.

Dummy Dash

This game is basically an updated version of 'Frogger'. Try to get the crash dummies across the road to rescue different pets. There are...

Flea World

Although this game seems boring at first, it is actually quite fun and addictive. Use your mouse to move and jump the fleas to complete...

Sheep Invaders

The classic game of space invaders...with a twist! Shoot the invading sheep as fast as you can, but watch out because they shoot back at...

Q-Bert 2004

Now you can play the classic game Q-bert online! All original graphics and sound effects. More the character with your arrow keys or by using...

Donkey Kong

How high can you get playing this classic arcade game 'Donkey Kong'? This game has all original graphics, but has no sound effects. You can...


Why did the frog cross the road? To win the classic arcade game 'Frogger', of course! All original graphics, but no sound effects. You may...

Alien Invasion 2

A fast paced, 3-d game with an old, arcade game feel.

Lunar Lander

Use the arrow keys and the shift key to position your ship onto the landing pad.

Duck Hunt

Another classic game from the arcades with all original sounds and graphics. See if you can shoot all of the ducks.


Play the arcade game that started it all! Bounce the ball back and forth and try to be faster than the computer

Ice Blox

Help Pixle Pete ward off the evil Flames in this classic arcade game. Good graphics, but no sound. Use the A and D keys to...

Space Invaders

Shoot the aliens as fast as you can before they land. But watch out, because they're shooting back at you!


Use the arrow keys to guide pacman around the maze while avoiding the ghosts in one of the most famous arcade games ever created.

Super Breakout

The classic super breakout game. Fun, but the paddle is very small and a little hard to control. You must be a member of


Another classic game recreation, Centipede is exactly like the arcade game. Great original sounds and graphics. You must be a member of (free) to...

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