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Arctic Blitz

Pick your favorite penguin and move him across the ice. Collect as many medals and fish as you can. Avoid hitting the boxes and tires.

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Donkey Kong

How high can you get playing this classic arcade game 'Donkey Kong'? This game has all original graphics, but has no sound effects. You can...

King of the Hill

Defend your castle! This is a very fun game with awesome sound effects. Use your mouse to launch fireballs at the attacking army. You can...


Pilot your high-speed ship through a tube while avoiding several obstacles. This game has very nice graphics and it quite challenging!


Why did the frog cross the road? To win the classic arcade game 'Frogger', of course! All original graphics, but no sound effects. You may...

Sheep Invaders

The classic game of space invaders...with a twist! Shoot the invading sheep as fast as you can, but watch out because they shoot back at...

Willy Wonka Major Mayhem

A remake of the classic arcade game "Centipede" for the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Pretty good, but not much like the original.

Super Mario World Revived

A pretty good remake of Super Mario featuring the classic graphics and sound effects.

Alien Invasion 2

A fast paced, 3-d game with an old, arcade game feel.

Duck Hunt

Another classic game from the arcades with all original sounds and graphics. See if you can shoot all of the ducks.

Willy Wonka Chocolate Rapids Game

This game is themed after the famous "chocolate river" in the classic movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Use the arrow keys to control...


A pretty fun arcade game written in JavaScript. Move your ship around the central matrix and protect energy cells from swarms of bugs. Shoot damaged...

3d Ping Pong

Play in a ladder-style Ping Pong Tournament where players can choose where they play and their paddle. Practice against all the opponents before going to...


This is a really fun and addictive Java arcade game. Use the J and L keys to move your tank left and right, and fire...

Pub Darts

Play Cricket, 501, and Baseball darts alone or with a friend. Use your mouse to 'flick' the dart at the board.

Dummy Dash

This game is basically an updated version of 'Frogger'. Try to get the crash dummies across the road to rescue different pets. There are...


Another classic game recreation, Centipede is exactly like the arcade game. Great original sounds and graphics. You must be a member of (free) to...

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