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Arctic Blitz

Pick your favorite penguin and move him across the ice. Collect as many medals and fish as you can. Avoid hitting the boxes and tires.

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Q-Bert 2004

Now you can play the classic game Q-bert online! All original graphics and sound effects. More the character with your arrow keys or by using...

Commander Cookie

Use the arrow keys to maneuver your spaceship and shoot chocolate chip cookies. This game features great realistic graphics and is lots of fun.

Bug on a Wire

This this fun game, you take on the role of a bug running on telephone wires. Use your arrow keys to jump from wire to...

Mission Mars

Use the space bar to drop bomps on a martian city in order to land safely.

UFO 101

Help the alien learn to fly by guiding him with your arrow keys. Get points by knocking over cones, but avoid other UFOs as they...

Pig on the Rocket

Help the pig fly on the rocket - the game name says it all! Pick up fruit and fuel along the way while avoiding attacking...

Air Hockey

Players choose their team and tabletop to see how far they can advance in the World Cup Tournament of Air Hockey.

Missile Game 3d

Pilot the missile through a large tunnel while avoiding the obstacles. Fly through the holes in the rotating obstacles to complete each level. This game...

Hostile Skies

Fight the enemy airplanes before they shoot you down in this exciting shooting game.

Super Breakout

The classic super breakout game. Fun, but the paddle is very small and a little hard to control. You must be a member of

Icy Escort

The mother penguin has lost all of her baby penguins! Help her find them again as you maneuver through this obstacle course of challenges.

Space Chimps

Do you have the right stuff to make it as a chimp astronaut without going bananas? Test your skills in several astronaut training missions.

Up Beat

Play the piano using your keyboard in this online Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) clone. It's a lot of fun and incredibly addictive! Hit the correct...

Flatbread Express

Create, cook, and serve various flatbread creations for customers. This game starts out easy but gets challenging very quickly!

Glug Glug

Try to collect the treasure without getting eaten. This game features poor graphics and simple sound effects, but is still somewhat fun to play.

Lunar Lander

Use the arrow keys and the shift key to position your ship onto the landing pad.

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