Arcade Games

Arctic Blitz

Pick your favorite penguin and move him across the ice. Collect as many medals and fish as you can. Avoid hitting the boxes and tires.

Pig on the Rocket

Help the pig fly on the rocket - the game name says it all! Pick up fruit and fuel along the way while avoiding attacking...

Tribal Jumper

Help the tribal jumper hop across a string of skulls without falling into the water. This game is quite challenging and very addictive!

Office Invaders

Climb the corporate ladder by firing rubber bands at the invading office workers. Use your arrow keys to move and the space bar to fire.

Glug Glug

Try to collect the treasure without getting eaten. This game features poor graphics and simple sound effects, but is still somewhat fun to play.

UFO 101

Help the alien learn to fly by guiding him with your arrow keys. Get points by knocking over cones, but avoid other UFOs as they...

King of the Hill

Defend your castle! This is a very fun game with awesome sound effects. Use your mouse to launch fireballs at the attacking army. You can...


This game is very similar to the classic arcade game 'Marble Maddness'. Use the arrow keys to roll the ball down a series of slopes...

Icy Escort

The mother penguin has lost all of her baby penguins! Help her find them again as you maneuver through this obstacle course of challenges.

Apple Kabopple

Click on apples to drop them into the turtle's basket in this fun arcade game. Get more points by stacking apples as they fall.

Slipstream 2

Use the arrow keys to pilot your ship through a tube while avoiding various obstacles. This game is a bit challenging but quite addictive.

Rhino's Rollerball

Help Rhino the hamster roll his ball and collect keys and stars. This game featuring the characters from the movie 'Bolt' is a bit challenging...

Hover Wars

Use the arrow keys to control your hovercraft and try to bump your opponents off of the platform. Hover Wars features nice 3d graphics and...

Shooting Star

Shoot other attacking ships with your shooting star in this retro-style online game. This game features fun and exciting game play.

Commander Cookie

Use the arrow keys to maneuver your spaceship and shoot chocolate chip cookies. This game features great realistic graphics and is lots of fun.

Sunken Treasure

Use the arrow keys to navigate the diver through the sea to collect gems. Watch out for the sea creatures! This game features excellent graphics...

Space Chimps

Do you have the right stuff to make it as a chimp astronaut without going bananas? Test your skills in several astronaut training missions.

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